MRI Pilot Projects


  1. Pilot Projects will be funded based on their relevant merits and only a small fraction of applications
    will be funded. Investigators may apply for ≤ 8 hours for each pilot project.

  2. Costs for approved hours will be shared evenly between Yerkes Imaging Center and the PI. Approved time will be valid during the fiscal year in which it is granted. Unused time will not carry-forward into the next fiscal year

  3. Applications for pilot time should be submitted electronically 2 months prior to the intended start date.
    The application (limit to one page) should include (I) Specific Aims, (II) Background and significance, (III) Experimental Methods, and (IV) Specific Plans for Obtaining Funding. The application will be reviewed based on its scientific merit, impact, potential for external funding and technical feasibility. For extension of a continuing study, summarize the scope and progress in the previous period and if any, describe new goals and new capabilities require of the instrument. If the pilot project is approved, a staff will then be assigned to work with you.

  4. Copy of IACUC protocol and approval letter, in addition to approval of the pilot project, are needed before scheduling scans.

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