Imaging Resources and News

  • MRI: 7T/30cm Biospec with three gradient inserts (ID = 20cm, 12cm, 6 cm)
  • MRI: 3T/90cm whole-body Siemens Trio
  • A multipurpose Siemens Siremobile Compact C-Arm
  • Peripheral MR-compatible equipments (capnometer, pulse oximeter(Ninon, MouseOx), EKG, anesthesia machine,  and stimuli presentation equipment, etc.)
  • State-of-art computation resources (> 6 terabyte RAID storage, 8-node cluster)
  • In-house animal facility from rodents to non-human primates
  • Vet support for imaging studies
  • Drill Room with a Smithy Granite 1324 lathe, Drill Press, et al
  • Hardware Room with a HP Network Analyzer, Tektronix Oscilloscope, et al
  • Software: LC-Model, Brain voyager, Analyze 9, and other freeware such as FSL, SPM, AFNI, et al.
  • Various volume and surface RF coils for imaging at Siemens 3T and Bruker 7T

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